Trying something new, much to my surprise

9 Aug

Ever since learning that Nicholas has a milk protein allergy, I’ve been extremely careful about the food that I eat. To the point where I’ve learned how to bake my own bread, make my own crumpets, ice cream, alterna-milk (mmm, freshly made almond milk), and other nifty (tasty!) things.  And actually, I have recently learned that I’m reasonably good at cooking – who would have thought?

While there are plenty of resources for dairy free cooking on the web, I’ve found many of the recipes leave a lot to be desired. So a while back, I went in search of some other alternatives and stumbled upon the amazing world of vegan cooking. It’s not like I will ever give up my meat / eggs / cheese (when I can eat it again) loving ways, but vegan food is creative. And it has so much less guilt… Who knew, for example, that I could make a “brownie batter dip” with chickpeas? Hell, I spread that stuff on bread in place of Nutella these days.

So last night I bought a book – “Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cooking”, by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. I’m really excited. Flipping through the book (well, as much as you can flip on a Kindle) has been an inspiration in itself – not least because it describes the use of some ingredients which I wasn’t sure about the purpose of (or why they were picked as a substitution). I am so inspired to go shopping for flax and chia seeds – among many other things – and I’m feeling so pleased that I actually went and bought nutritional yeast last week (mmm… macaroni and fake cheese – it’s actually good with hemp milk rather than soy).

It excites me to learn that there is a whole new world of food which I always thought would be bland, boring, and really… gross, that turns out to be really interesting, creative, and tasty. Now if only I could convince Vincent that this could be true for food with no meat in it.

While I’m sure on the first post I won’t have any readership… just in case… ;) … have you ever been pleasantly surprised by something you thought you wouldn’t like?

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